miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

About style

I was wondering if writing posts in english every now and then would help to bring more readers to my blog. A canadian friend suggested me to try or post one or two lines and see what happens. Frankly, I think my english is good but I'm not used to write long texts in english. Anyway, let's try.

I guess I don't have so much time but I will try to write something about style.

Style is not about going over the top.

Style is NOT about wearing a logo or this season's clothes.

Style is not about wearing all black or 'classic' things always

Style is, definitely, not wearing all expensive stuff (and fur coats aren't always stylish)

You won't be stylish if you copy a look you saw on a shopwindow. As a matter of fact, Style is not truly style if you just copy.

What is style?

Style is seeing everybody following a trend and doing the opposite... or taking some elements of that trend for your personality.

Style is a result of a stuctured message in the language of clothes, since they are powerful spokepersons.

Style is that rare abiliy to choose something that makes you stand out of the crowd

Style is wearing a polished look without forgetting 'simple' things like hair or makeup

Style is wearing something that suits you. I'm not only talking about the body

Style is comfort, is the ability to choose clothes fitted like a glove, both men an women.

Style is a statement. You are the speaker. Speak

6 comentarios:

Señor Quinquillero dijo...

¿Y en castellano ya no escribes? Ya en serio, le he estado echando un vistazo a tu lista de desfiles favoritos para el próximo verano y me ha gustado porque es bastante variada. Un saludo (y excelente música)

Ald0rad0 dijo...

jajaja claro que seguiré escribiendo en español!! Tu blog también es muy bueno. Me alegra que te haya gustado la lista que hice. La verdad es que esos desfiles me fascinaron por una cosa u otra. Saludos!

Miss at la Playa dijo...

un post genial :)

Ald0rad0 dijo...

muchas gracias!! :D

Zorro dijo...

De cuando acá tu blog se volvió bilingüe ?

Alguna vez pensé que un blog en otro idioma estaría bien, pero lo medité y decidí que no, los chistes y el sarcasmo no lo sentí igual jeje.

Greetings !

Ald0rad0 dijo...

jajajajaja, siii caray. No estoy muy de acuerdo en escribir en la lengua de Shakespeare pero igual y sirve para que me lean más. Veamos si resulta y si no seguiré posteando en espanich jaja