lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2008

my current obsession: Calvin Harris

Hi again. Here's another post I programmed, this time in english. I think I'm gonna open a new section of my blog called "my current obsession". I this section M'm gonna make a small review of anything I can't get out of my head. So,this post goes to Calvin Harris.

Calvin Harris is 24 years old and he became recently famous in the UK with his first record. As a matter of fact his Scottish accent is as thick as Sean Connery's so it's kinda difficult to understang what he's singin but it's okay since his tunes are so cool.

His CD I created disco is awesome because it doesn't sound like some bands with that electronic sound. His tunes are made to rock the dancefloor or at leat to move your feet to the music. I believe he is having a moderate success outside the UK, and it must be due to his style.

Disco Heat, this is my favourite track. All I have to say about it is that... this song is so catchy!! I wouldn't mind dancing it ten times in a single row. It's great!

His breakthrough single was Acceptable In The 80's. It really really sounds fresh and groovy, even if it has a trace of vintage programming from the 80's. Personally I hate taht decade, it has a hideous taste but this single makes me be a little tolerant about it.

Calvin was recently appointed to produce two tracks for Kylie Minogue's latest CD. It didn't surprise me In My Arms was composed and produced by him, as it sounds so similar. Are we facing a new hit producer? Maybe. Here's the video for In My Arms for those who haven't heard that song:

By the way, Kylie is wearing here a black-and-white dress by Gareth Pugh (whose colaboration launched him to international fame) and a paint splashed cocktail dress by Dolce & Gabbana

The other track is called Heart Beat Rock, and here it is:

When Kylie's album was released, people started hiring Calvin as a producer. Here's a video for the track he made with British rapper Dizee Rascal. Personally I prefer British rappers because I find their rhymes far more enjoyable than the American ones. Anyway, the track's called Dance Wiv Me and here it is:

Yeah, I know, the video is kinda tacky but the song's great. I think I'll play it whenever I have a party.

I'll end my post with Love For You, a reprise for Acceptable in the 80's. It's slower and yet, it sounds great!

So here you have, my current obsession: Calvin Harris

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