viernes, 2 de enero de 2009

my current obsession: Electric blue by Cicada

When I was recovering I listened endlessly to this song. I discovered it by accident, on a friend's profile.

This tune is catchy and has a bass that can be very very sexy, even though the song doesn't insinuate a thing.

Anyway, the band who made this great song is called Cicada. This band resides in London and has a singer from another interesting Icelandic band called Gus Gus. They made a remix for Depeche Mode which actually was played at the Gucci fall 2006 show, to a great audience delight.

I believe it was played at a fashion show, and it also has that runway feeling, so I find it very appropriate to it. If you know which show performed this song, please tell me. Well, I don't think it need further introduction, so here it is:


4 comentarios:

Hikari Hotaru dijo...

hasta ganas de bailar me dieron. Me uno a la obsesión.

Ald0rad0 dijo...

Hikari: Sí, la canción está rebuena. No sé dónde estuvo todo este tiemñppo jajaja.


Fco y Alex dijo...

Si definitivamente estuvo en un show, Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2008 (abre Natasha Poly), aunque la persona que subió el video cambió la original (Under My Thumb (Remix) - Rolling Stones) y uso Electric Blue by Cicada

Ald0rad0 dijo...

Fco y Alex:

Gracias. Lo sabía, tenía que haber estado en un show. Ahorita mismo busco el de Dolce & Gabbana. Ya me estoy pasando por su blog, chicos. Un saludo y gracias por la información