miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

My current obsession: Monster- Joe and Will Ask?

Hey there. Here's another catchy tune I love since the very moment I listened to it. The song was featured at the Balenciaga fall 08 show.

Joe and Will Ask? are two british DJ's and as much as I'm concerned, they're starting their career. The have an EP and an album to support their gigs. They also do remixes for Hot Chip and other bands.

They have a great sense of beat, they know the exact amount of beats to make a song interesing without making it boring or overwhelm it with sounds. Unfortunately, the electronic genre has lots of DJ's who think the more beat they add to a tune, the most interesting it gets. And that's crap.

I love listening to it on my music player when I go to school, it makes me imagine myself in a futuristic city, escaping from a totalitarian society with high tech clothing. By the way, the song fits perfectly on the collection's mood, because it's catchy, avant garde and propositive without being boring. That's why I think Michel Gaubert (the DJ who made the Balenciaga soundtrack) is the best DJ in the world. Because he can understand the mood of a collection and translate it into music pieces.

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Hikari Hotaru dijo...

I'm not sure if I could imagine myself in a futuristic city but your idea is cool.

I've listened to electronic music, but no like you and I don't know a lot of this genre musicians. Thanks to you now I know more of this curious life.

Ald0rad0 dijo...

Hye! Well, yeah, elextronic music is great. Unfortunately, there's a lot of bad music... and that's the kind of music that becomes really popular.

I am happy my blog has become helpful in that matter, thbaks!!

BTW, tell me about that effect on the text.

fogli di giornale dijo...

Talking about music it´s not easy but you do it very well, i think that it´s a great idea writting in another language that is more difficult, i really want to congratulate you, I´ll do it someday but not in English i´ve just forgotten how to do it :P.

Ald0rad0 dijo...

Chi: Indeed. It helps a lot to stretch your language muscles, if you can say it that way. I totally recommend it.